Thursday, May 13, 2010

I heart my sewing machine

I saw an orange pillow at Target last year and, since then, I have wished that I would have gotten it.  So I decided to make one myself. I wanted one to match a duvet cover for my bed that I LOVE and a pillow that could be used even when we don't make the whole bed - with shams and all. The stuffing needs a little rearranging, but I love the color and fabric! (it's a velvety soft fabric)

I didn't have any orange thread, so I decided to do a stitch around the outside so I wouldn't have an odd color to sew the part where the stuffing goes in.  My awesome new sewing machine (thanks Mom!) does a number of decorative stitches that were surprisingly easy to use. I chose a leafy vine stitch for this one...

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