Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Instant Artwork

Now that Olive is old enough to color without eating the crayons it's one of her favorite things to do! I have all of these little canvas that I bought before for another project and didn't finish. Well, I found a way to use one of them! Simple kid art.

You just need some cute ribbon, glue, a canvas and media of your choice. In our case (where paint is still pretty messy) we just used regular crayons.
After she colored the canvas, I just glued the ribbon all around to look a little more finished.
easy peasy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Toddler Table Redo

So, I was under the weather this past week and pretty much stuck in the house for awhile. I was going stir crazy and itching for a project. I found this one (among a few others that I will post later:). How could I have not thought of it before? My baby's toddler table totally needed a stylish makeover!
All I needed was some pretty spray paint, modge podge and some hip scrapbook paper...(and a small amount of patience)
..a few hours later and tah dah! a new table! I love it!