Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Projects!

Here are some of the things I've been doing lately when I take breaks from jewelry making.. First, check out my new jewelry case I got from Presents of Mind (also the newest store to pick up harlow:) I just LOVE it! I'm making jewelry trays and jewelry display boards to fit perfectly in the bag to take to stores and shows. It even has a handle that expands and wheels so you aren't lugging it everywhere. Plus, it's harlow orange so how could I possibly resist?!

I've been turning these great multi-functional (great for so many things!) cork placemats into jewelry display boards by covering them with fabric and putting in a thin layer of cushion so that I can hold the jewelry down with pins...
...and turning this
into this! These trays have inserts with compartments that I can tote jewelry in. They don't have lids or anything so I needed to make some kind of strap to hold everything in.
I used velcro on the ribbon so that it can be secured tightly :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adorable DIY Totes!

So, I just recently discovered that I heart fabric paint...well, not in general I guess, but in this situation, I do. I happen to use tote bags - a lot! Especially with the baby and all the gear that you have to take around with you , it's a nice quick way to grab things and go. Plus, you don't have to match your outfit or anything..anyway, I wanted to make some gifts and what a perfect thing to try from my list of projects- DIY totes! I went to Michael's hoping to find some really cool stencils, and guess what??! Michael's does not have cool stencils - but the do have blank ones. I knew I wanted a lotus flower and a bike, so I googled images of both and picked my favorites. Then I just traced them, cut with my craft knife and voila! a cool stencil! I'm sure you know how to use a stencil, so the rest is history. I also found some letters at the store and monogramed each one with a first initial. Easy peasy totes!

click to enlarge

Thursday, July 15, 2010

LOVE - found on Etsy

Love these, found on Etsy today.  How neat, they are made from a French novel. I feel like this would be so pretty thoughtfully hung in a workspace or studio...

New Beauties!

This is what I've been working on....and here are some of the new jewels I got in Sacramento last weekend! Can you imagine how heavy my bag was coming home??

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Banana Bites

Look at these tasty gems from the wonderful blogger Framed.  She has such a good idea going here using leftover ingredients you already have in your kitchen! You just cut up pieces of banana, dip them in chocolate and roll them in yummy stuff like coconut and nuts.  mmm, I'm thinking of all the possibilities...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Inspiration

This flower wall is gorgeous.  I found it this morning here.  I have so many projects going at the moment and I just wish I had the time to work on all of them! One is a daybed that Danny and I are making for the work studio/guest room.  Photos to come soon! 

Oregon Coast Vacation!

We spent the 4th of July at the beautiful Oregon coast last weekend.  It was gorgeous and warm and so sweet to spend that precious time with my family.  That being said, we came home Tuesday and the week is already almost over! I'm working overtime right now to catch up but it was worth it for sure!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Channeling Fall

So, I know summer has only just begun, but I have to get harlow's Fall lines done in just a few weeks! Can you believe it?! Fall...anyway, I started working on it yesterday.  Here are a couple of Fall inspired pieces.