Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here It Is!

Here is the finished cover! This was my first project with my new sewing machine! I have a back log of so many projects that I want to do, and this one jumped to the top of the list when we needed a baby chair. I ended up cutting the old one open and pouring in the stuffing. It's shaped nicely for the photo, but it probably needs a little more cushion because it's a little flat when you don't shape it. I maybe should have sprung the extra $7 for the pattern (yes, I attempted it with no pattern - I was feeling thrifty) but it works anyway. It took me an hour to get started because I kept threading the sewing machine incorrectly (it was jamming up) but I finally looked up a how-to video on YouTube on threading, and voila! it worked! :)

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