Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adorable DIY Totes!

So, I just recently discovered that I heart fabric paint...well, not in general I guess, but in this situation, I do. I happen to use tote bags - a lot! Especially with the baby and all the gear that you have to take around with you , it's a nice quick way to grab things and go. Plus, you don't have to match your outfit or anything..anyway, I wanted to make some gifts and what a perfect thing to try from my list of projects- DIY totes! I went to Michael's hoping to find some really cool stencils, and guess what??! Michael's does not have cool stencils - but the do have blank ones. I knew I wanted a lotus flower and a bike, so I googled images of both and picked my favorites. Then I just traced them, cut with my craft knife and voila! a cool stencil! I'm sure you know how to use a stencil, so the rest is history. I also found some letters at the store and monogramed each one with a first initial. Easy peasy totes!

click to enlarge

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